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About me



  • Master Object Oriented Programming, Javascript ES5/6/7 standard and data
    structure, algorithm.
  • Master Vuejs, jQuery. familiar with Reactjs and efficient ability to fast learning other
    Javascript Libs
  • Master css2/3, less, scss and Html new standard. familiar with webRTC
  • Master Threejs/Cesiumjs/OpenLayer to handle web GIS and webGL
  • Master Echarts/D3js and web native canvas
  • Master Electronjs and Uniapp or weex to development desktop
    client(window,osx,liunx) and mobile APP
  • Master Photoshop to design user interface or printed matter, Master axrue to
    prototype design
  • Familiar with Nodejs (Express/Koa) and MySQL Full stack development.


  • Xi’an Jiaotong University (Computer science and technology)


I have a wide range of skills, and my first degree makes it possible for me to cross over
fields, as I am familiar with business knowledge related to geographic information and civil
engineering. My rich experience makes me have full-stack capabilities from business
requirements to product design, project control, interface development, database
development and server-side development.
I have a wide range of hobbies (soccer, music ......), curious about the world, active and
inclusive, and good at thinking. So, I look forward
You can add my wechat Is_Joshua

About blog system

Sometimes, I hate those blog systems on the web, so create this blog system when I have free time.

It's so easy and base on markdown, taked me an afternoon.

If you like, you can view on github(, How to use? may be you can look code, is easy, ememem... but there is a lot of redundancy code, so please sorry! you can change it by a fork.